Soy Happy Candles has been providing high quality, designer candles since 2004. The focus on using 100% soy wax is the result of research revealing the unhealthy carcinogens released from other types of wax. Natale Colasanti, founder and owner, began Soy Happy Candles in the basement of her parent’s home and has since maintained the overall goal of spreading the awareness of soy wax’s health benefits. Please help us spread the word!
Our mission is to make the world smell better one candle at a time. Whether it’s that dog odor that lingers after you give your puppy a bath or the scent of your ex on your pillowcase, Soy Happy Candles are guaranteed to provide a refreshing, long-lasting scent.
Soy Happy Candles can be placed in any room, on any surface, and will not conflict with your decor! Shop here online, or give us a call at 586.944.5007.


Natale Colasanti
Candle Crafter and Owner