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Clean Scent-Sations Fragrance Descriptions

Awapuhi Seaberry    Enjoy the hint of floral, melon and berries floating on top of a fresh tropical ocean breeze! A wonderful scent all year long!

Baby Powder    A powdery, soothing scent that brings to mind warm skin and hugs.

Balsam Fir    The full scent of pine needles and cold mountain air.

Bamboo    A clean and wonderful scent, soft, green, and fresh.

Basil    Fresh-picked scent of this well-known spice, bright and sharp.

Basil Sage & Mint    A fresh garden medley of basil, peppermint and clary sage with hints of citrus and soft musk notes.

Bayberry    A holiday favorite, bayberry is pure Christmas. Deep green notes blended with clean top notes.

Bayberry Spice    A play on the ever popular Bayberry aroma. This unique blend offers a deeper more earthy base note with a mild spicy top note.

Campfire    This smoky wood scent will send you back to summer nights around the bonfire, warm and inviting with a hint of the outdoors.

Cedar    The age-old favorite of sharp, sweet wood and a touch of spice, with the reassuring scent of that antique cedar chest.

Cedarwood Amber    A fresh scent with a sensation of texture, warmth, and sensuality. Top notes of bergamot, lavender, and coriander. Bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.

Champagne    This scent smells so much like the real thing that you could swear the bubbles are tickling your nose! This a slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance.

Christmas Garland    Pleasant, fresh, woody evergreen aroma will have you remembering the holidays at Grandma’s house all year long.

Christmas Morning    All the joys of Christmas morning! The pine, the candy canes warmed by the lights, and the bracing hint of snow in the air.

Christmas Wreath    No holiday home would be complete without the scent of Christmas Wreath, a vibrant, green, herbal based aroma with crisp pine and spruce top notes.

Citronella    The sharp, unmistakable scent of outdoor candles with an astringent quality, terrific for keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Clean Cotton    Fresh Laundry smell, reminiscent of the clean, soothing memory of clean sheets sun dried on a warm summer day.

Clean Linen    Crisp and clean linen fragrance

Country Christmas    The spicy, woodsy fragrance of pine mingled with all the fragrance of holiday spices. You’ll want to kick back and eat the cookies while waiting for Santa.

Cucumber    The cleanest, crispest green scent we have. Slightly sweet with a zingy touch of cool top notes. This is a wonderful, clean scent for summer.

Dirt    Remember the satisfying richness of freshly turned earth in the garden? The slightly damp, clean smell that meant spring? This is it!

Downy April Fresh (Type) Scent    Smell that unforgettable smell of Downy’s original scent of springtime air blends of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Downy Cashmere & Silk Type    A soft and sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet, apricot, and creamy coconut milk.

Downy Vanilla & Lavender (Type) Scent    Enjoy the familiar, rich, soft and relaxing scent of Downy and experience the natural essential oils of lavender, orange, and patchouli for unique, natural fresh scent.

Downy Water Lily & Jasmine (Type) Scent    Blended so you experience a fresh, crisp, and energizing scent. Contains natural essential oils of tangerine and orange to ensure you experience a unique, enticing fresh aroma.

Dragon’s Blood    Based on the natural herb, this is an earthy, masculine scent with a hint of spice. Reminiscent of dark woods and mystery.

Dreams    Clean, cool rain fragrance with white florals. You’re sitting in the garden in the evening as a soft rain releases the rich perfume of the flowers around you.

Fern    A fresh green scent with mossy overtones and a touch of wood. Think of the cool lushness of the forest floor, with dew on the ferns.

Fireside Type    A warm, spicy scent with a touch of herbals over woodsy notes.

Forest Pine    The pure pine scent you love for the holidays, Christmas trees in the snow. This is clean and energizing; breathe deep, and imagine you’re in the woods on a snowy evening.

Frankincense    A true, musky incense, invoking ancient cities and shadowed streets of the bazaar.

Frankincense-Myrrh    Deep, musky scent with warm overtones of Amber resin and Myrrh beauty.

Fresh Cotton    The clean, sunny smell of sheets fresh off the clothesline.

Fresh Cut Grass    Slightly sweet; a fresh clean hint of the great outdoors. Imagine rocking in a hammock while a cool breeze carries the scent of freshly mowed grass on the air.

Green Tea    The oriental tea, with more depth and an herbal scent with a bit of zest to it.

Herbal Garden    A strong aroma of rosemary and thyme with hints of ginger- Very Spicy!

Hollyberry    Think clean greens with a touch of spice.

Hollyberry and Cassia Root    Very strong scent, Spicy Cranberry with notes of Strawberries, peaches and Fresh Raspberries. Followed by Fresh holly pine leaf with a touch of Cassia Root.

Juniper Breeze    Clean, invigorating, fresh with a slight top note of berry.

Leather    This warm, musky fragrance evokes the luxury of fine leather, a subtle blend of earthiness and elegance.

Lemon Grass    A combination of grass notes and a touch of lemony zip. A nice balance of sharp and soothing.

Lemon Verbena    A lovely blend of lemon and grassy herbals, kissed with a bright floral note.

Lettuce    Crisp, watery, green with earthy, leafy notes.

Midnight Rain    Fresh air on a rainy evening and water with a touch of night musk.

Mountain Leaves     Crisp fall leaf scent made with notes of cedarwood, pine, balsam, fresh cut grass and a light rain top note.

Myrrh    A resinous, amber fragrance with an earthy base.

Nature’s Garden    Crisp vegetables and a subtle floral blend with a soft, earthy base. Think Eden!

Oak Moss    Musky, but softer than Patchouli, with more green notes and a touch of woodiness.

Ocean Waves    The clean scent of rain on the seashore. A mild aroma that offers the introduction to the rain family.

Oriental Garden    Clean, oriental base with a bit more green floral to it and herbal notes to round it out. Picture yourself in a Japanese garden restrained but lovely.

Peppermint    Mildly spicy, traditional peppermint sprigs that are cooling and sweet at the same time.

Pinon    A forest glen, filled with pine notes and the rich, warm woodsiness of cedar. Fresh and green with a cool feel to it. Imagine sitting on a blanket of pine needles under a canopy of tall cedar trees.

Rain    Refreshing, soothing. Rain-drenched air, clean and soft.

Rain Forest    A forest of ferns and greenery drenched in cleansing waters.

Rich Potting Soil    This dirt has the aroma of rich potting soil.

Rosemary    A resinous herbal aroma with a touch of green. Invigorating and clean.

Rosemary Mint    Resinous herbal spiked with mint to freshen it. Clean and fresh!

Sage    An energizing herbal scent, pungent with a muskiness to it.

Sea Breeze    Fresh ocean air with a whiff of salty air and floral top notes. Very strong and clean.

Sea Spray    A crisp refreshing ocean scent with a hint of lavender and fresh herbal notes.

Smoke & Odor Eliminator    An absorbent spice to remove smoke, cooking odors, pet odors and anything else that may be tainting the air.

Sleigh Ride Slatkin Type    Perfect blend of pine, apple, cinnamon and holly with a splash of vanilla.

Snowberry    Notes of winterberry, sugared musk with a touch of pine.

Spanish Moss    Think of warm summer nights, thick with the woodsy green scent of Spanish Moss; a damp, earthy scent with a touch of southern mystery.

Spruce & Berries    Fresh fragrant spruce trees entwined with the luscious aroma of raspberries and notes of cedar, pine needles and tangy orange.

Spruce (Blue)    An especially clean and slightly sweet evergreen scent. An excellent Christmas tree scent.

Sweet Grass    A blend of wonderful grassy scents with a sweet top note. Fresh and clean.

Tide Original Type    Fesh and clean laundry detergent smell.

Tobacco    A mellow, woodsy scent like fine pipe tobacco or just cut tobacco leaves, with just a whiff of cherry wood – what you’d find in a gentleman’s library.

Twighlight Woods    A juicy berry base blended with notes of Mimosa, apricot, sandalwood and musk.

Vanilla Lemongrass    A magnificent combination of vanilla and lemongrass, rich and warm with a lemony zip!

Victorian Christmas    Known to be our #1 holiday fragrance offering clean green pine notes, mid notes of rum fruitcake and top notes of clean soft florals make this the epitome of the holiday aromas.

White Tea & Ginger    A wonderfully pleasant blend of delicate white tea mingled with fresh slightly spicy ginger.

Winter Holiday    The rum fruitcake just came out of the oven, with the fresh-baked, spicy fruit aroma mixing with the scent of the flowers on the dining room table.

Winter Ice    Ice and snow in the air, so crisp and clear, it crackles.

Winter Wonderland    Wonderful spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and vanilla followed by notes of sweet mulberry, balsam fir and cedar.

Woodland Berry    A warm woodsy scent followed by fresh raspberries, red currant and mulberry.

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Awapuhi Seaberry, Baby Powder, Balsam Fir, Bamboo, Basil, Basil Sage & Mint, Bayberry, Bayberry Spice, Campfire, Cedar, Cedarwood Amber, Champagne, Christmas Garland, Christmas Morning, Christmas Wreath, Citronella, Clean Cotton, Clean Linen, Country Christmas, Cucumber, Dirt, Downy April Fresh (Type) Scent, Downy Cashmere & Silk, Downy Vanilla & Lavender, Downy Water Lily & Jasmine, Dragon's Blood, Dreams, Fern, Fireside Type, Forest Pine, Frankincense, Frankincense-Myrrh, Fresh Cotton, Fresh Cut Grass, Green Tea, Herbal Garden, Hollyberry, Hollyberry and Cassia Root, Juniper Breeze, Leather, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, Lettuce, Midnight Rain, Mountain Leaves, Myrrh, Nature's Garden, Oak Moss, Ocean Waves, Oriental Garden, Peppermint, Pinon, Rain, Rain Forest, Rich Potting Soil, Rosemary, Rosemary Mint, Sage, Sea Breeze, Sea Spray, Smoke & Odor Eliminator, Sleigh Ride Slatkin, Snowberry, Spanish Moss, Spruce & Berries, Spruce (Blue), Sweet Grass, Tide Original Type, Tobacco, Twighlight Woods, Vanilla Lemongrass, Victorian Christmas, White Tea & Ginger, Winter Holiday, Winter Ice, Winter Wonderland, Woodland Berry


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